Théâtre anglais 2017 : Alice in Wonderland

Théâtre en anglais, Section Européenne

Un spectacle de qualité et bien apprécié, à en juger par les commentaires; Alice les a émerveillés ! Un grand merci à tous et à notre talentueux photographe, Bernard Houlier.

F. Duvivier

On Tuesday, we saw a play of the Dreampark Company entitled Alice In Wonderland with three actors: two girls and a boy. They played different characters during the play since in the story, Alice meets different creatures. The play lasted more than one hour and it was really interesting and quite amusing.

After the play, some pupils asked some questions to the actors and to the producer and director, for example one asked « Why did you choose to work with only three actors? ». They answered that it is because they have a very small van so they can’t really work with more actors. Then a second one asked: « Which is the most difficult role you have to play? », so one said it was the caterpillar because it was funny so it was difficult not to laugh. Alice said it was at the beginning of the play when she arrived in « Wonderland » because she had to be surprised every time. Finally the boy said it was the cat’s part as he had to be very proud of himself and confident.

I enjoyed the play because it was not too long and the actors acted very well. Moreover, it was really funny. Finally, I think it is my favorite play among the three we have seen since we are in Chanzy high school. Elise R.

First and foremost, I would say that Alice in Wonderland wasn’t my cup of tea. Yet, thanks to this performance, I have learned that this type of story could be quite interesting especially when played by talented actors. Doriane Y.

On Nov. 7th every student of the European class had the chance to see an amazing adaptation of Lewis Carroll‘s Alice in Wonderland. I appreciated it a lot as I am keen on any fantasy of this kind. Moreover, the actors were very professional and knew their craft. We could see that they liked what they were doing thus it really gave a more personal touch to the show, which is one of many things that made me love their version of the play so much. Sonia N.

I enjoyed the play since it was quite faithful to the book, except for a few details. The actors were talented insofar as two of them acted many roles, while one actress played Alice successfully. With a small stage and a few props, they managed to pass on the magic of Alice in Wonderland to the audience. Cloé B.

Last Tuesday, as usual, the European class had the opportunity to see a show from the Dreampark Company. The director told us they had drawn their inspiration more from the novel than from the screen adaptations of Alice. Nevertheless, this last performance unfortunately puts an end to our annual meetings with the company which have always been an enriching and expected moment in our European curriculum.

As far as I’m concerned, I really appreciated the show for several reasons. First of all, it was brilliantly acted so that we didn’t spot any mistake, all the more since the script was really difficult to memorize. Indeed, I was astonished at how the protagonist succeeded in learning everything by heart. Last but not least, it enabled us to do a triple comparison between the book, the film and the play. Léa G.

My favorite character in this play is definitely the Cheshire Cat as the actor made a convincing interpretation. All the theatre set and the costumes were surprising. To my mind, it was a beautiful performance and an appropriate interpretation of Alice In Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll. Daphné C.

Today, I would like to give my impressions about the play we saw with the European class on Tuesday. I personally really enjoyed it. Indeed, I found that the actors played really well and that their interpretations of the diverse characters were really funny. I found the play understandable since first of all the theme of the play is well known and on top of that we had to work on the script during the holidays before the play so it all made it easier to understand the play. To sum up, it was a great performance and I had a good time being there. Iman R.

The actors succeeded in doing a good job out of all the parts; indeed, it must have been difficult for them as there were plenty of characters. Each character had to be clearly identified. Igor S.

I was pleased to realize the story was close to the book and not too different as in Tim Burton’s film. Then I found it well-written, well-built and well-played as far as it made me laugh even though it was in English. Eventually, the different cuts in the play when the lights were off and the actors backstage were really interesting as far as they were being repeated so it made the play not monotonous and it was representative of Alice’s dream and environment. Yousra A.

Théâtre en anglais : Alice in Wonderland

On November 7, all the students from the European classes, from Year 11 to Year 13, are going to see the usual drama show in Chanzy high school. The play entitled “Alice in Wonderland” is an adaptation from the Dreampark company – founded in 1987 as the London Production Company. Every year this English company comes to Chanzy to show us one of their plays, and it is a real chance for us!

On Tuesday, we are going to hear about Alice’s adventures – and I suppose everybody knows about her. This young girl wishes for a more exciting world. Indeed, she takes a magical journey through a rabbit hole to “Wonderland”. During all the story, she will meet various characters, all very particular, before going back home.

This play is of course based on the novel “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson known as Lewis Carroll. We will watch the play during almost 1 hour and then, we will get the opportunity to ask questions to the actors and to the producer and to know more about their jobs. Finally, I hope we will enjoy this play! 

With many thanks to

Elise R., Terminale S 3, EURO

Barcelone jour 5

Dernier post de nos aventures barcelonaises…

La matinée a été consacrée au musée des sciences de Catalogne à Terrassa puis retour à Barcelone pour la pause déjeuner avant de visiter le fameux Camp Nou. La journée s’est terminée en beauté par la visite du musée Picasso.

Le dernier jour barcelonais aura pour activité les Golondrias (genre de barque locale) le matin puis le palais de la musique catalane avant de déambuler les fameux ramblas pour terminer par un dîner au hard rock café. Ensuite ce sera un long long voyage en bus.


PS : la suite de nos aventures sur le compte twitter du lycée (…si on a de la connaction internet!)

Barcelone jour 4

Notre matinée fut consacrée à la visite d’une usine de dessalement d’eau de mer (mais sous la pluie!) puis retour à Barcelone pour visiter le centre commercial Las Arenas (les anciennes arènes de Barcelone reconverties depuis l’arrêt des corridas) puis les installations olympiques des JO de 1992 (photo).

Au programme demain : visite du musée du passé industriel de la Catalogne, puis visite du Camp Nou (le stade du fameux barça…bien connu des parisiens!) puis pour finir le musée Picasso.

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Barcelone jour 3

La suite de nos aventures espagnoles donc…

Le matin a été consacré encore à Gaudi avec la découverte de la casa Milà puis pause déjeuner sur la plage de Barceloneta (photo). L’après-midi nous visitâmes une propriété viticole dans laquelle tous furent ravis de découvrir la fabrication de cava (genre de champagne local).

Au programme demain : la visite d’une usine de désalinisation d’eau de mer puis l’après-midi les installations olympiques de 1992 sur la colline de Montjuic.

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Barcelone jour 2

La suite de nos pérégrinations catalanes…

La journée était centrée sur Gaudi avec au programme la Sagrada familia ainsi que la parc Güell. Entre les deux une petite virée au musée d’art moderne au Macba.

Quant à demain, toujours la thématique Gaudi avec la casa Milà puis déjeuner sur la plage de Barcenoleta et enfin la visite d’une cave.

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Barcelone jour 1

Début de notre périple catalan… Après de très nombreuses heures de bus, nous avons pris notre petit déjeuner à Banyuls avant de reprendre le car pour rejoindre Figueras où nous attendait le musée Dali (photo).

Ensuite déjeuner, toujours à Figueras avant de reprendre le bus (encore!) pour rallier Barcelone cette fois afin de découvrir le vieux quartier dit gothique autour de la cathédrale. Enfin, installation à l’auberge de jeunesse pour le dîner et surtout une douche!

Au programme demain : l’univers de Gaudi avec en particulier la Sagrada Familia ainsi que la parc Guell (entre autres).

A suivre…

Barcelone, c’est pour bientôt!

Comme promis, voici le lien vers l’auberge de jeunesse qui nous accueillera début avril à Barcelone

Et pour ceux qui le souhaitent, le programme est téléchargeable : Roadbook Barcelone 

Théâtre en anglais…Noël avant l’heure!

Spectacle de théâtre en anglais… la tradition annuelle se perpétue au Lycée Chanzy... le spectacle nouveau, à l’instar du beaujolais, mais en avance, tout comme pour Noël !

Les élèves de section européenne du Lycée Chanzy (non loin de 190 élèves des secondes aux terminales) ont pu assister à la représentation théâtrale de la compagnie Dreampark, tout droit venue de Londres. Immersion dans un spectacle tout en anglais puis moment d’échanges avec le producteur et les trois acteurs, toujours en anglais, avec en prime et en avance, la magie de Noël puisque la pièce était inspirée de l’œuvre de Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol.

Se sont donc succédé sur scène devant Scrooge une apparition et trois fantômes, les va-et-vient incessants des acteurs aux multiples rôles et pour finir même, des élèves pour quelques photos souvenir…

Un spectacle toujours brillamment réussi qui a ravi un public toujours aussi agréable – que je félicite à nouveau – et voici donc quelques magnifiques photos réalisées par Monsieur Bernard Hourlier, toujours disponible et professionnel que je remercie mille fois pour sa collaboration.

Rendez-vous l’année prochaine pour la prochaine édition donc.

And I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Françoise Duvivier

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Rome, jour 5

Dernier post car demain la tablette sera dans la valise…

Bref retour sur la journée : ce matin nous avons visité le foro olympico (stade construit pour les JO de 1940) avant une escapade culturelle au Maxxi (musée d’art moderne). L’après-midi a été bien remplie avec le quartier de l’EUR (photo) avant une petite pause à la plage d’Ostie. La plage a semble-t-il eu plus de succès que l’architecture fasciste…

La journée de demain sera consacrée à la galerie Borghèse (musée d’art classique) avant la redécouverte de la Rome baroque (fontaine de Trévi, place Navone, piazza di Spagna, piazza del popolo…) avant un moment de shopping et un dîner dans une pizzeria.

Ce sera ensuite le retour vers Charleville-Mézières…