31 octobre 2017 Ch. Duvivier

Théâtre en anglais : Alice in Wonderland

On November 7, all the students from the European classes, from Year 11 to Year 13, are going to see the usual drama show in Chanzy high school. The play entitled “Alice in Wonderland” is an adaptation from the Dreampark company – founded in 1987 as the London Production Company. Every year this English company comes to Chanzy to show us one of their plays, and it is a real chance for us!

On Tuesday, we are going to hear about Alice’s adventures – and I suppose everybody knows about her. This young girl wishes for a more exciting world. Indeed, she takes a magical journey through a rabbit hole to “Wonderland”. During all the story, she will meet various characters, all very particular, before going back home.

This play is of course based on the novel “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson known as Lewis Carroll. We will watch the play during almost 1 hour and then, we will get the opportunity to ask questions to the actors and to the producer and to know more about their jobs. Finally, I hope we will enjoy this play! 

With many thanks to

Elise R., Terminale S 3, EURO